Monday, July 9, 2012

I am a farm girl!-I have animals!!

Pictures of my animals:
These are our ducks any names for the three of them?

Ellen, our house cat.She has a lot of character and this will not be the last time I write something about her

Ellen's baby, we are thinking of calling him Nigel . . . He is in the back of a closet snuggling by a suit case!-Cute

My two pigs, Solomon and Raguna

Up close and ugly . . . they are cute when they do not have mud on them. . . . It is hard to believe!

Blaze, a very kind and loving horse.He is so nice! He kinda looks sad in the picture . . . . not the best picture :(

Sam and a nose of Coyote

He was really shy for the camera, He would never look straight in it! 

Coyote!He is a hyper teenage dog.

Another picture of the ducks :)

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